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Santa Barbara Upholstery Supplies in Las Vegas, NV, is proud to carry the Independence 2 line that's heat-sealable, mildew-resistant and compatible with commercially-based adhesives. It's available in 30 different colors. Call 702-457-6100 today.

Durable, heavy-duty synthetic leather comprised of 100% polyvinyl chloride with a knit backing. This durable fabric has anti-bacterial / anti-microbial resistance and is oil and sulfide resistant.    

Let us help you keep your business looking its best with quality vinyl from Santa Barbara Upholstery Supplies.

  • Restaurants

  • Hospitals

  • Medical facilities

  • Schools

We offer the latest range of fabrics designed to provide superior wear and hygiene protection. So, whether you are running a hairdressing service and need a few treatment seats recovered or you are responsible for the refurbishment of a medical facility, we will work with you closely to meet your needs.

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30 different colors available to suit your every need

Quality Independence 2 line

Our variety of customers

Great look featuring superior wear and hygiene protection

  • Offices

  • Hotels

  • Spas

  • Massage tables

We Will Work Closely with You to Create the Final Look You Want and Deserve  

Hospitality Vinyl

Independence 2



Independence 2;   32 Oz per Linear yard

Suggest applications:

Automotive Conference room, executive seating, Residential, of , healthcare, spa, massage tables, RV.

Oil and Sulfide resistant.

Meets flammability requirements;

Motor vehicle safety standards 302

CA Technical Gulletin 117 Section E

This product has been treated with anti-bacteria and antimicrobial agents that will provide resistance to the following;

•Proteus Vulgary

•Gacillus Cerus

•Gacillus Mycoides

•Staphylococcus Aureus

•Enterococcus Faecalis

•Klebsiella Pneumoniae

•Salmoncilla Choleraes ais

•Escheriachia Coli.