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BoltaSoft Grand Cayman Marine Upholstery Vinyl, available at Santa Barbara Upholstery Supplies in Las Vegas, is the latest addition to our boat vinyl lineup. It features a bright color line and is coated with the PreFixx finish that makes it very stain resistant. Our waterproof acrylic canvas is 60 inches wide and is available in 18 different colors.

If you want a soft marine vinyl with a soft terry knit backing that is very stain resistant and has a high abrasion specification, you have found it with Grand Cayman. It comes in the most popular colors for your boat.

Choose from the dependable and AFFORDABLE Capitano marine vinyl or the ultra-dependable and colorful styles of Grand Cayman vinyl.

  • Carpet

  • Pre-coated vinyl  

  • 8-foot width carpet

  • Acrylic canvas

  • Bimini hardware for your tops

Capitano brand marine vinyl is a good option for all of your marine applications. This is an AFFORDABLE upholstery vinyl, which you can use outside or inside for seats, panels and trim. It is offered in a variety of colors to match any boat. Call 702-457-6100.

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Show off your boat in style with Grand Cayman vinyl

Softness and toughness

Available here for your boat

Choose from a selection of affordable Capitano marine vinyl

Make Your Vessel Stand Out with Fine Patterns

and Colors from Grand Cayman and Capitano

Marine Vinyl

All Sport Vinyl 84

Bondi 54

Bronte Vinyl

Carbon Fiber Vinyl 40

Vinyl Cated Fabric

Xcel Sample